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Playing House..

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Growing up, I loved playing with dolls, pots and pans and building doll houses complete with complementing furniture.  I enjoyed doing all of these with my mom back in the day.  Initially we started out with just recycled boxes from the grocery store. We would build 2 floors.  Dress it all up with wrapping paper especially the ones with the small prints, and for the flooring  we would get the black and white checkered wrappers or stripes.  The first floor with the Living Room, Dining Area, the Family Room, Kitchen and a Garden.  Upstairs would be the bedrooms – about four  of them, one for the mom and dad, one for me and one for my brother and the remaining one was for the guest room.  Later on that guest room was converted into my baby sisters room who came 10 years after I did.  She was the one who continued playing with all of these toys.

These days, in the real grown up world, I still love pots and pans because I just love to cook for my loved ones, I love dressing up and I love shopping for clothes and shoes, and of course stuff in my own little house.  This time it is not play pretend anymore, it truly is the real thing. Real curtains and bed sheets which I try to sew myself, I just buy the cloth from the mall.  I no longer put wall paper for my walls, I love painting them myself, it quite a creative release and it’s quite fun!  But, for the floors, it is a more serious concern, it should be given more attention in terms of detail, quality, texture of course the pricing. Where to go?  I say GROUPON is the answer!  That is where you can find a wide variety of choices in flooring options… let’s say I would like to turn the floor of my attic into a turf, our bedroom in the second floor into parquet, and my kids room with rubberized matt flooring.. everything as in everything I can easily get from Groupon Goods! Even the cleaning implements for my floor like mops, pails for cleaning.

It’s super convenient!  Just type in what you are looking for, type in the keyword and voila!  Flooring that you need in an instant!  You can order them on line, have them in the correct size that you want them, have them delivered right at your doorstep!  That is convenience at your fingertips!  I just love the technology nowadays, just like I love the flooring in my attic! Thank you Groupon!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine and have not been influenced by any individual or institution of sorts.

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