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McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop 2012

By 4:52 AM

The first time I witnessed a kiddie crew workshop was years back when my sister joined one. It was a nice thought to see kids as young as 7 yrs. old (I think??) keeping their summer worthwhile by participating in such summer workshops.
I really smiled when I dropped McDonald's Greenhills branch and see kiddie crews in action. It brought back same memories mentioned earlier. Also, the fact is it is the same McDonald's branch where my sister had experienced the kiddie crew workshop.

About McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop

The McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop is a yearly event specially designed for kids to learn the values of hard work, friendship, team work, self-confidence and cleanliness while having fun.

The McDonald's Kiddie Crew is a 5-day workshop over a 6 week period. There are several batches of Kiddie Crew Workshops held per day in each participating store. It has three main activities per day – a values formation lecture that fosters a different value per day, on-floor training and art workshop. With a healthy mix of fun and learning activities, the kids are taught how to man the counter, greet and serve guests and how to clean up. Fun art classes are also be held.

At the end of the program, a special graduation celebration was held for the Kiddie Crew members together with their parents; a salute to a fun and memorable summer at McDonald's.

The Kiddie Crew Workshop, the first of its kind in the country started in the mid 1980’s. It is under the McDonald's Kids On The Go program, a global brand initiative that features a series of activities sponsored by McDonald’s that champions the well-being of children. Since then, hundred thousands of kids have joined and successfully graduated the workshop. (source: McDonald's website)

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