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The Tubbataha Reef Featured in Two Documentaries

By 1:14 AM

I seldom watch documentaries lately. Been busy and occupied these past few months. And just recently, in 2 consecutive Mondays, I watched two documentaries from 2 different networks featuring 1 topic -- the TUBBATAHA REEF!

Tubbataha is located in the Sulu Sea, 98 nautical miles (181 km) southeast of Puerto Princesa City in the Palawan Province. The reef is made up of two coral atolls divided by an eight-kilometer (5 miles) wide channel. Tubbataha has become a popular site for seasoned sports divers because of its coral "walls" where the shallow coral reef abruptly ends giving way to great depths. These "walls" are not only wonderful diving spots but they are also wonderful habitats for many colonies of fish. (source: wiki)

Both ABS-CBN's Patrol ng Pilipino and GMA's i-Witness featured the beauty deep within the Tubbataha Reef. It was nice to see how sea creatures like the pawikan freely swim.  Under the tight watch of concerned people and the WWF Philippines, the place is protected 24/7.

(photo credits to ferds bondoy and wwf philippines)

Here's a glimpse of i-Witness video (still searching for the other docu..) --

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