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Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

By 5:57 PM ,

I have this vision in my imagination of a cozy, simple yet elegant looking home. And I think these three (3) choices might fit in from Mandaue Foam Furniture Store..

Modern hi-gloss TV rack... 

This compact, simple looking TV rack fits well for my small TV set, CD/DVD player and a set of speakers. It may not look like a home theater system setup but it made my viewing pleasures more organized.

High back net office chair...

With me mostly at home, sitting in front of my laptop.. I need this kind of chair for a more comfortable and ergonomic friendly feel.

Office table...

Now that I have a choice for a chair, it has to be matched with an office table too. This office table has the features I need, uncluttered table top and drawer compartments for several stuffs.

There are still several home and office furniture one can find at Mandaue Foam Furniture Store.. Here you'll find "Your Home, Your Imagination."

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