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Experience Asia in Marriott Cafe's Flavors of Asia

By 9:20 PM ,

I love to eat, I love to explore different cuisines that is why I didn't let this chance slip to experience Marriott Cafe's newest offer -- FLAVORS OF ASIA!


Flavors of Asia featured four (4) international chefs to showcase different Asian cuisines. It was my first time to dine in Marriott Cafe. I tried several dishes such as sushi, sashimi and seafoods.

For only P2, 300 net from Sunday to Thursday and P2, 500 net for Friday and Saturday, enjoy a charming Asian dinner that assures an enjoyable age-old tradition of bonding through a delicious mix of aromatic, spicy, rich, sweet, and hot Flavors of Asia. 
Bringing an authentic taste of local life and hospitality, our four chefs will also conduct a special cooking class for only P1, 500 net inclusive of a hearty lunch: July 9, Thai; July 16, Malaysian, July 23 Vietnamese; and July 30, Indonesian. If you wish to experience this treat that’s injected with fun and information, consider enjoying Asian cuisine by learning to cook it yourself!  

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