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Have 7,107 Reasons to Celebrate Philippine Festivities with SMB

By 2:28 PM

Remember this videos...

I like to travel anywhere, anytime in the Philippines. Experience every festival (if possible), capture every moment and scenery..

Let SMB 7,107 Celebrations be your companion in all your travel adventures!

SMB 7,107 Celebrations allows you to explore a variety of awesome places and fun-filled activities. Thus, arranged into one incredible itinerary.

The SMB 7,107 Celebrations website was officially launched last August 2 at the Adarna Restaurant together with chosen bloggers who were invited. Great food was served and of course San Miguel Beer products of different variety were also served during the event.

The website caters different types of sections such as events and promos..

Want to know what's happening in every festivities including local parties? Check out SMB 7,107 Celebrations' Events section to know more about the history, origin and the like of various festivities and take part in the merrymaking. The page's search feature helps you find all events for the month with a single click.
You may also express your insights or give tips by leaving some comments at the bottom of every article using the Facebook comment box.

Need to maximize your stay in every festival or places you go? The Things to Do section is just what you need.. This section provides great articles on arts & culture, recreation, shopping, outdoor activities etc.

There are two (2) sections that are unique as compared to other travel related sites -- those are the Beer Locator and My Itinerary.

Want to have an ice-cold San Miguel Beer? SMB 7,107 Celebrations' Beer Locator will do the job!

All you need to do is click on the Beer Locator and see the different types of places where San Miguel Beer products are available. Also, find establishments that offer a wide variety of cuisines for complete your food adventure.

Explore SMB's different types of beer -- the iconic San Miguel Pale Pilsen, the smooth San Miguel Premium All-Malt Beer, the crisp San Miguel Super Dry, the full-bodied Cerveza Negra, the hard-hitting san Mig Strong Ice, the extra strong Red Horse Beer, the low-calorie San Mig Light and the delightful San Miguel Flavoured Beer in lemon and apple. Served them together with the delectable dishes in town.

Powered by Google Maps, use the site's locator map to know exactly where you can find San Miguel Beer anywhere in the Philippines.

NOTE: The viewing of individual outlet pages is exclusively for registered users.

Organize everything -- events, things to do, places to go in one itinerary. Use SMB 7,107 Celebrations' My Itinerary. Create you own itinerary with just a few clicks specifying your next travel destination in the Philippines. You can also print and share your itinerary with your travel buddies.

NOTE: Exclusive only to registered users.

Other website sections includes Features and Promos..

Discover the different festive celebrations, splendid sights and landmarks, native buys and bargains, delectable cuisines, and many more about our Filipino culture. Have 7,107 ways to celebrate the Philippines with San Miguel Beer.

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