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Feel the Adrenalin Rush, Go Karting at Alabang

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It was back 2011 when I first tried go karting and I should say - IT WAS DEFINITELY FUN!
photo taken 2011 courtesy of Kotse.com

People from the south can now experience go karting st Starmall Alabang.. I was able to experience kart racing with fellow bloggers and media again last Saturday.. Nice to see same people who I've raced with..

We were divided into groups for the initial race but before that an orientation first for the safety rules. 

We were toured and oriented of the race track, to familiarize ourselves of the curves and turns..

And the race began..

We also got to meet two (2) young professional kart racers of City Kart Racing Team -- Carlos Lorenzo and Tai Alexander Zulberti..

NAME: Carlos V. Lorenzo
AGE: 15
Karting Series: KT 100 National Series
SCHOOL: Colegio San Agustin, Makati
A young high schooler from CSA, Carlos has a natural passion for racing when he joined City Kart Racing  Team Pro. Carlos always wanted to be a racing driver.
Still at a young age of 14, Carlos is a fan of Red Bull Racing, the reigning F1 champs. Unusually, where most of his teammates like F1 stars like Michael Schumacher or Ayrton Senna, Carlos chose Nigel Mansell instead, the Brit who won the F1 driver's title in 1992 and the Champ Car title in 1993.

“I like Mansell because of his great ability to pass other drivers,” said the young Carlos Lorenzo. Perhaps it's also because Carlos has a little of Mansell in him, as during his first kart race, Carlos Lorenzo came from behind to take first place on the very last lap of the 45 minute race heat at City Kart Racing Circuit in Makati.

He idolizes Tom Cruise, loves to eat bacon and notes Senna as his all-time favorite movie. 

NAME: Tai Alexander Zulberti
NICKNAME: Taitanium
AGE: 11
NATIONALITY: Argentinian/Canadian
Karting Series: Mini Rok National Series & Minirok Asian Series
SCHOOL: International School Manila
One of the youngest in the CKR Pro Team, Tai has always dreamt of racing. As an infant, Tai only played with toy cars until he turned 7 years old, and was given his first drive of a motorized kart in Singapore.

A true motorsport enthusiast with a passion for racing, Tai dreams of one day joining the ranks of Formula One, perhaps with his favourite team, Scuderia Ferrari. Ferrari's top driver, Fernando Alonso is his idol, as he looks up to how humble the man seems yet is so fast and aggressive on the racetrack.

He describes himself as a very aggressive driver, and recalls one moment during a race at the Clark International Speedway.
“I had to defend my position during the very last lap of the race at Clark,” comments the young Zulberti. “I may have started last in the heat because of a mechanical problem, but I was still able to take first place.”
Tai joined City Kart Racing Team Pro because he liked the idea of having hands-on driver coaching and the competitive yet fun spirit he enjoys with his teammates.

Tai Zulberti just won the overall 2012 Championship in Cadet Expert. And looking forward to the next racing season as he moves on to Mini rok class!

Both racers showed their skill in kart racing..

Forgot what was my race time last 2011 but last Saturday was 30.8..

Wonder what the rate is? According to their branch manager, one can enjoy and experience go karting for 350 pesos which is for 10 minutes.

I, myself had fun and will definitely go back and race.. Next time with friends..

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