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Food Trip at Mang Larry's Isawan

By 7:52 PM ,

Out of the blue ideas sometimes works best!

This want happened before my shift at work ends today.. I suddenly craved for streetfood and tagged along one of my officemates, Oksan.. We detoured our way home to UP Diliman.. Our destination -- MANG LARRY'S ISAWAN!

We arrived minutes before the stall opened.. Mang Larry's Isawan is really a hit, seeing people from all walks of life waiting to place their order..

I ordered 'isaw manok' and 'tainga' while Oksan ordered 'special isaw baboy', barbeque, 'chicharon bulaklak' and avocado shake.. Actually it was her first time eating here, that's why she's excited to order.. :))


I usually hangout here at night with photography friends.. I am convinced how people patronized Mang Larry's Isawan..

And since this is unplanned, I used my phone to take photos (seldom bring along my slr).. 

Love this kind of food trips! Simple yet with satisfaction..

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