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Ladies in Action: No High Heels Behind the Wheels

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The meteoric rise of independent and empowered women has shown strong and powerful ladies taking the steering wheel and full control not only of housework and office work but also of their personal lives.

The way women now run their hectic schedules is a work of art, with glamour framing each moment through the tool we call, high heels. Women understand how this simple tool is an instant confidence booster, a quick fashion enhancer. So with the little time left between juggling work and play, women sometimes set aside this basic driving rule: don’t don heels behind the wheels.

Driving in inappropriate footwear may cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle. And this is not a risk of mishap for oneself, but as also for other motorists. This is why when you’re doubtful of your footwear when driving then just don’t drive in them.

Butterfly Twists, a UK brand of stylish and practical foldable ballet flats and boots, recommends always having a pair of foldable flats in the car. Lina Claudio, owner and President of Butterfly Twists Philippines shares, “Like most Filipino women today, I also live a very hecticschedule, but no matter how little time I have running from one meeting to the next, I always make sure I change into flats when I drive. And I want this to be the top-of-mind precaution of all women drivers today.”

Foldable ballet flats have been attracting more and more women today because of the convenience they bring – they’re compact and can be stashed in a bag. More importantly, they give peace of mind knowing that their feet will be saved from the torture of high-heel pain. In addition, it can prevent high-heel related accidents while on the go, especially after an exhausting day tottering about glamorously in sky-highs.

Butterfly Twists is proud of its construction and durability, making its collection not only a spare pair, but also the primary pair of shoes that can withstand different walking conditions. Their line up of foldable flats and boots come in varied styles in wide array of colors, now available in kiosks around the metro.

About Butterfly Twists

Butterfly Twists collection of folding shoes and folding boots are redefining style, comfort and fashion. We have a wide selection of affordable and practical ballet pumps that can be worn for everyday use and are perfect for almost any occasion from driving to clubbing and shopping to traveling. All of our ballet pumps and boots designs are innovative and include different colours and styles making sure that your foldable shoes always stand out from the crowd. 

For more information visit www.facebook.com/ButterflyTwistsPhilippines and @BTwistsPH on Twitter.

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