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Interesting Popcorn Mondays by iACADEMY

By 9:32 AM

iACADEMY previously held four series of events which comprises its Popcorn Mondays.

I was able to attend second to the last series.. Each event has an interesting topic to showcase. But what is Popcorn Mondays?

Popcorn Mondays is a series of events designed to bring out the creative spirit in everyone. Meaning, you're not just gonna watch the show, audience got to participate in certain activities within the show.


Justin PiƱon
With the use of psychology, body language reading and hypnosis, Justin gave the audience mind-boggling moments every time he actually guessed any random item or thought, including myself.


This one gave everyone from the audience an instant workshop just like in theater. While watching them, memorizing each one's characteristic or personality (sort of) was a challenge. But what I really waited for was the a bit of preview of the 'Vagina Monologue', well, in Tagalog version.


The last of the initial 4-part series of Popcorn Mondays was all about expressing your thoughts in a poetic way. I am no poet myself but it was fascinating hearing those rhythmic words said.. 

Popcorn Mondays didn't end actually.. Just recently, another event was held last Monday..

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