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My Vague Memory of Julie Vega

By 4:22 AM

My urge to write about this started after watching a documentary which part of it was associated with Julie Vega.

I was only 6 years old then. Definitely unaware of Julie Vega's death but I remember so well watching a couple of her movies, which either were replayed on TV or Betamax tapes rented. And not to mention, her song "Somewhere in My Past" was one of my favorite songs.

What else can I say about her? Nothing much.. But I know two people in life that I could directly ask their stories about Julie Vega - my parents. My mom was one of the first few who went to Julie's burial the day she died; and my dad who was then working in UERM, where Julie was born. 

My mom told me that after the news broke out of Julie Vega's death, she together with my aunties rushed to Mount Carmel Church to pay respect and see her remains. My dad then mentioned to me that bronchopneumonia was among the complications that caused her death, based from certain doctors he knew.

So, that's it! Other things I might know about her would be based of what I've watched through the life stories shown. 

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