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Julie Vega Featured in GMA 7's Tunay na Buhay

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In their initial episode for 2014, Tunay na Buhay featured who was known to be the original soap opera princess of the 80s - JULIE VEGA.

File photo from Julie Vega's official Facebook page..
Here, people who knew Julie Vega as a person were interviewed. Among them were Mommy Pearl (mother of Julie), Lester Sy (family friend) and Shella Villamor (Julie's biographer).

While I was watching the episode, it brought me back my childhood. Although I wasn't able to meet Julie personally, I remember watching a couple of her movies including Annaliza even after her death.

With the upcoming release of Julie Vega's biography, I have a lot to learn about her and short-lived journey in life.

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