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Fire in the Hole at Stronghand Shooting Range

By 1:24 PM

Guns.. I have never held a real firearm in my life; but just recently (couple of weeks ago), I got a chance to do some firing in a shooting range - at Stronghand Firing Range.

It was an indoor firing range.  Stronghand Firing Range is said to be the first and only TOXIC-FREE indoor shooting range in The Philippines. Well-ventilated and soundproofed with all the gunshots fired inside.

Reception area..

Coffee shop..
Coffee shop dining area.
I was toured around the facilities that includes an in-house cafe / coffee shop, lockers, clean restrooms, conference rooms and reception area. After that short tour, I was asked to sit down in an ongoing firearm orientation and IT IS A MUST to undergo it. 

Training levels..

Firing range area 1..

Firing range area 2..
The orientation was discussed by sir _______. Some of the topics covered were the types of firearm, which firearm license is applicable for you, requirements in applying for a firearm license and the process of firearm license application. Afterwards, an exam was given to those who plan to apply for a license. It was informative and precise.

Now came the exciting part, first hand experience of firing a real gun.

My stuff secured in the locker -  .. Ear and eyes protection -  .. 

Hand gun and bullets -  ..
Time to hit the bull's eye..
Not bad for a first timer in target shooting..
Got a passing score..
Stronghand Shooting Range is located along E. Rodriguez Avenue, Quezon City. For more information about the rates and promos, visit their website - http://stronghandshootingrange.com/.

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