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Boodle Feast With Clara Ole..

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Clara Ole held their last foodfest last July 12 in Makati City. The event was hosted by Certified Foodies - Mhel and Ken Ignacio.

Fiesta is no stranger to every Filipino. We all love to eat especially when it's good food. Thanks to Clara Ole, they made it possible.

We entered the venue with two boodles prepared for the attendees. One thing I'm curious of was how will the menu taste like using Clara Ole products.

I am no food expert or critic. I am one person who just love to eat! And the best way to eat a boodle is with your bare hands. Never forget to wash your hand before digging in.

Before we began feasting on what was prepared, Ken of Certified Foodies explained what he and their 'nanay' cooked for that day. There's barbeque, shrimp, crabs, lumpia, chicken, itlog na maalat and sinigang sa bayabas. I have never thought that certain Clara Ole products could be an alternative for a dish. For example, spaghetti sauce with crabs and garlic.

Pinoy games were played after that hearty feast..

Trip to Jerusalem where Mhel and Ken's nanay won. Go to market where after all my hiding, I was still picked to play (hahahahaha!!!) and there's Pinoy Henyo wherein Clara Ole's brand influencer, Ms. Amy Perez participated.

It was a fun gathering.

Now there's one question I was asked during an ambush interview. How would you organize a Clara Ole Potluck Foodfest?

Reviewing the past foodfest, there was the dating concept and movie night. If I would match it with where my heart is closest to, that would be up the mountains; close to nature.


First, I'm a mountaineer. I love the great outdoors. And we have cooked a few dish like adobo. I kinda curious on what dish would a Clara Ole product fit in such.

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