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Change The Way You See Happiness..

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I started taking photos way back in high school when I got my first camera from the money I got from my ninongs and ninangs during Christmastime. I love capturing candid moments, this is one of  my favorite themes in photography. You'll never know when that moment comes and so you just need to keep a watchful eye and swift reflexes when I have my camera with me.

Here are just some of the photos which I am very proud and glad to have taken that shot. A simple click, one, two and three and several more.. Genuinely capture true emotions.. Happiness..

With a simple smile or twinkle in their eyes as they  play around, stamping on water coming  out of the fountain.

Barefoot and dancing til they drop in the street parade during the Aliwan Fiesta..

It gives me joy to capture their happiness and lock it in eternity. It makes my heart flutter. Let's change the way we see happiness and go back to the basics -- a simple smile, basking in the sun, playing with water fountain, dancing til you drop in the streets or plainly playing around with the other kids in the neighborhood or playing in the rain.

Simple things.. Simple means, simply spell HAPPINESS!

I learned that I can also capture happiness with the new Huawei P9. A smartphone with DLSR functions. Being an avid DLSR user, the Huawei P9 truly is a great handy alternative for photowalks and simple getaways. I can capture candid moments; same way as my Nikon D3100. With its dual lenses by Leica, it can produce sharp and high quality photos plus other features like slo-mo, long exposures and timelapse. All these in one compact mobile device -- the Huawei P9

Your partner in changing the way you see happiness!

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