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Squiggly, Wiggly Wigs..

By 10:55 PM

**This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.**

I remember growing up calling my grand dad “Daddy Abo” or “Daddy Kalbo”,  “Kalbo” meaning bald.. well, as I remember, he wasn’t really totally bald he still had some hair and because of me calling him as such… he had to go and get himself a wig to cover up his top up and so that I would stop teasing him… I was probably 3 or 4 and was just starting to speak and wasn’t really intentionally teasing my poor old grand dad.  He was then in his late 50’s maybe, quite young to be balding, but unfortunately men in our family, my mom’s side had a receding hairline or thinning of hair.  Apparently according to the women in the family, my grandmum who I call “Ms. Bubba” which I got from Ms. Aruba, one of the favorites during the 70’s Ms. Universe, and the story I will surely tell you on another day – according to them – our grand dad, in his younger days, during the pre-war time was always in a white suit and always had his hair well combed and full of pomade.  I guess the gels or wax came after several generations after.  And because of this, later on maybe during his 30’s or 40’s he started to lose quite a large amount of hair and therefore later on decided to solve this problem and my teasing by getting himself a “topay” or what is better known as a wig.

It did help him quite a big deal, he regained his confidence, I stopped teasing him and I suppose he got some respect, plus, a person with a full head of hair surely would look younger. I grew older and could pronounce words better, and called him Daddy Alex instead.

A wig, though simple as it may seem, has a vast number of uses and/or benefits – a simple accessory to match your mood or outfit,  to enhance one’s features, to disguise one’s personality, to solve one’s insecurity, to gain respect, to hide an ailment or if one is going through treatment, from the simplest reasons to the deepest or even darkest reasons.

What’s good is that now we have a wide variety of choices to choose from different styles or cuts, like human hair ponytails; a variety of colors, lengths, and of quality.  Yes it was used by some of my relatives but wigs are of course mainly used by women.  It’s available in wig specialty shops in the malls, in the specialty salons and now it’s even easier to acquire – online and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

I have short hair and I’ve always wondered if I could maybe sometimes use a wig to extend my hair on some occasions when I need to have longer hair. Or maybe for those who aren’t really sure if having permanent hair color would suit them it would be great to try on a wig first before doing the actual color or before even damaging their real hair. It really is fun to explore all these fashion accessory options and the different looks that I can achieve.  Wigs are fun to wear! And being a girly girl makes everything possible!

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