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Overnight Stay Experience at Remington Hotel

By 5:25 PM ,

It's very seldom I experience staying in a hotel. And it was very fortunate to experience it.. 

In a recent commitment I went to, those who participated got to stay in Remington Hotel for a night. I checked-in upon arriving, we already have assigned rooms where to stay. 

The room is really spacious. It has 2 queen-sized beds, a flat screen TV and shower&bath. The hotel also has free Wi-Fi for their clients, all you need to to is ask for a username and password (1 device per login account). Remington Hotel also has another type of room where it has a queen-sized bed, mini kitchen, fringe and shower&bath.

One thing I like in the hotel is that they have vending machines in every floor.. Talk about midnight snacks within your reach.

I just stayed in my room all night, watch TV, surf the net. While some of went to Resorts World to watch a movie or dine in some of the restaurants there. 

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