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Dinner at Clawdaddy

By 12:15 AM ,

I missed the moments I get to treat myself.. I used to hang out for food trips in Tomas Morato and West Avenue. Yesterday, I was able to have some 'myself' time. I had a bit of a food trip at Clawdaddy Shangrila branch.

I sort of make it a point to have a complete set of course -- from appetizer down to dessert. :D

But before that, one the staff recognized me and was glad to see back. I ordered some food from the same branch I think last week for take-out.

Going back, I ordered and while I was waiting for the first course, they gave me a complimentary food. That was flattering. Never encountered such a moment in any of my food trip.
Corn!!! Compliments from the branch..
Here's another plus in that branch.. They have Wi-Fi!!!

And finally, now for the first course..
Clam Chowder..
I like this soup.. Now I have another chowder favorite like the one in French Baker.

Now comes the main dish..
Baby back ribs..
The ribs was well cooked, soft and tender.. Compliments well with the salad side dish.

Here comes dessert!
Clawdaddy staff were accommodating, service was nice.. I'm fascinated with their huddle cheer -- "Lets do the claw!" Heard it after the store manager or supervisor (I guess..) talked to them. I left 7:30pm and people are starting to come in.

Can't wait to try out other choices in the menu. 

Also, wait for a post about Clawdaddy's newly opened branch in Subic..

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