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Head: A New Mood (BUM's Rock-Rebel-Emo)

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Local clothing brand BUM is pushing the envelope further this summer season.

If dark, somber tones and wild, splashy prints were the main elements in the brand’s previous collections, BUM’s new summer collection called “I Change the Rule,” which is the first of the three My ATEEtude campaigns for 2013, now trains the spotlight on the summer season’s fashion staple: bright, bold colors and solid prints.

BUM, indeed, takes on a new design approach on this one: the pieces now are relaxed and follow more modest shapes and silhouettes. While the summer collection offers something different for the brand, it still has BUM’s signature Rock/Rebel/Emo chic that speaks volumes about individuality and fearlessness.
“Riskier colors” such as neon brights and solid colors that were not commonly utilized by BUM before, are now the focal element. “Expect riskier colors. We now use neon colors such as yellow, emerald, even orange, and bright blues in our bottoms,” says Benny Reyes, the senior merchandiser and designer for BUM. “We have also incorporated some of the top trends in international fashion into our collections. You would see them in the cuts and the textures.”
Strong lines are also the key element in BUM’s Summer Collection. Stripes—thick, thin, horizontal, vertical—don’t necessarily follow a specific fashion rule, so you can easily mix and match them with monochrome pieces in bright colors. 

There’s also a touch of androgyny thrown in. So fashionistas would have a field day experimenting with blazers, jackets, skinny trousers, and printed tops and turning their everyday ensemble into a sophisticated getup in a snap.

“Unpredictable” best describes BUM’s latest style direction for the first of its three My ATEEtude campaigns for 2013. Visit your favorite department stores now and see for yourself how BUM is taking a fresh approach to fearless dressing.

BUM is available in leading department stores nationwide. For more information, visit  www.bumequipment.com.ph or like them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/bumequip.

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