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Chill Out with a Twist at Sumosam Olympia

By 2:58 AM ,

I am huge fan of different cuisines.. From Thai, Chinese, Singaporean, Italian and Filipino -- not to forget Japanese.

That is why I said yes to an invite to try out Sumosam Olympia's dishes..

The place wasn't hard to find.. It's situated near Manila Peninsula..

Part of the menu was already laid on the table when me and JayL arrived. Interesting menu they have - not the typical Japanese restaurant you'll think of.. 

wine bar
spacious dining area
cozy ambiance

Menu choices..
salmon wasabi cream sauce

kani and cheese omelet

spicy tuna salad

mango jubilee
tempura banana
What I like about the place also is that it has wifi and their personnel were well-trained to serve customers better..  

Sumosam Olympia is now open to serve customers who wants to chill out and enjoy a sumptuous meal.

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