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Featuring! The Celebrity Pets

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Anyone would love having a pet - may it be a dog, cat, bird or fish. I am a dog lover for sure and my mom is fond of fish (varying from arowana, flower horn and gold fish).

There was this one time last year that we have to take care of Pompom - my sister's landlord's pet for a week.

But there 2 distinct pets that I always look forward for their new antics and tricks. Presenting! The Celebrity pets -- Max and Sanggol..

Meet Max Dreyfus, the 'bunso' of Chuckie and Yen Dreyfus is a teacup Pomeranian.

The general definition for a teacup Pomeranian is that it is born small enough that it can fit inside of a teacup. I wonder if Chuckie and Yen tried that..
Family bonding with Max..

Max is not just a any other puppy. Do you know that he already has his first short film? Cool isn't it.. Watch this video shoot by his daddy Chuckie.

Don't forget to follow Max on Twitter and Instagram. Yup, he's a social media buff too, right Max? (arf!) Thanks to Yen Dreyfus for allowing me to use some of the photos..

Now on to our next celebrity pet. Will she be the next YouTube sensation just like her proud owner, not other than Mikey Bustos.

Meet 'Sanggol', a pot bellied piglet.. Only now that I know that this animal can be a pet. Most pigs that I know goes to our bellies :))

Watch this video as Mikey Bustos introduces his new baby..

But what are pot bellied pigs? Pot bellied pigs are clean, highly intelligent and loving creatures. They require extra patience and lots of love.
'Sanggol' is one sossy piglet - pampered and loved everyday by her 'amo' and take note! Condo-living.. First that came into my mind, how domesticated a pot bellied pig really is? Based on my research, this pig is highly trainable. And according to Mikey's video, their poo is not smelly unlike the pigs that are raised to become food.
Catch more about 'Sanggol' on Mikey Bustos' Facebook and YouTube channel.

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