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Have a Magical Moment with John Lloyd

By 10:30 PM

Jack ‘n Jill Magic continues its partnership with celebrity heartthrob John Lloyd Cruz as it launches a new campaign that highlights life’s little surprises. 

The campaign is all about experiencing the unexpected and being swept away by those delicious little moments that just drop in out of the blue, and turn your ordinary day into something magical.

Someone got to experience that magical moment..

One evening, while waiting for her Cebu Pacific flight to Hong Kong, OFW and mom Ma. Luisa “Malou” Alicaway found herself sitting beside a handsome and familiar man, who offered her Magic Flakes while he chatted away. It took her a few seconds to realize that everyone in the pre-departure area was watching as John Lloyd Cruz tried to strike up a conversation with her. 

Before they parted ways, the charming actor awarded her with a special gift: a “Kabuhayan Package”, which consisted of P50,000 worth of Universal Robina Corporation (URC) products.

Having worked abroad in several countries like Dubai, Taiwan and Oman for about a decade, Malou revealed that going overseas for a job is the best way for her to support her four children, two of whom are still in school.

A few days later, the URC team visited the Alicaway home in Quezon province to deliver the Kabuhayan Package. 

Manny, Malou’s eldest son, shared that the Kabuhayan Package wasn’t just any kind of blessingit was exactly what they needed to bring back their once-thriving sari-sari store, which had to be put out of business after their dad’s accident. 

“We wanted to give the campaign another dimension by taking it beyond TV. We wanted it to touch the lives of actual people, so we’re bringing the magic to other areas in Metro Manila,” said Chris. “Who knows… one of these days, you might just bump into Magic and John Lloyd in your neighborhood or workplace.”

With Magic’s latest campaign, more Pinoys around the metro can look forward to experiencing magic in their day-to-day lives.

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