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Teaching as a Profession..

By 3:47 AM

To be honest, never in my wildest dream that I would become a teacher, a professor to be specific.

It was mere coincidence during an event in iACADEMY that I got to have a short talk with it's top executives and learned that they're in need of someone with sound engineering background. I mentioned that I did came from the music industry as a sound engineer. Immediately that moment, I was called by HR for an interview.

Afterwards, my life continued working in a call center. No updates from the school for I think almost or more than a month. I was beginning to think about the outcome of that interview. Then in one unexpected day, I received an SMS. It was from the school's HR, informing me of the class schedule and for me to report by the start of the first trimester. It definitely was a relief!

But what made me decide to take this profession?

There's a main reason at the back of my mind for that. I would want to impart knowledge to the next generation. Since the subject is very well related to my previous profession which is in the recording industry, not only that I discuss what is written in every book, tutorial for that matter; I was also able to share my experience as an audio engineer. 

Eventually, I might be teaching topics other than sound or video editing. I am preparing for that instance. 

Life is definitely a continuing learning experience!

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