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LGBT.. Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders.. Who are they? What role do they portray in the society? Why are they here?

My answer is just 1 word - HUMANS.. These "not-so normal" as others may call are also humans. They breathe the same air that you breathing.. The only difference is the preference they chose.

I am a LESBIAN.. And I am PROUD to be one..

I, myself, also experienced rejections, gossips from friends, family and the society. And it has been a tough journey to go through.. Luckily to have experienced loving and being loved from someone of the same gender.

But why are LGBTs judged so easily? Is it because we look different? We act differently? Maybe this documentary might help everyone or anyone understand LGBTs deeper.. Watch Cheche Lazaro as she look into the world of lesbians, gays, transgender and bisexuals (LGBT). 

"Cheche Lazaro Presents" - LGBT, tomorrow on Sundays Best (CH.2), 11:15pm.

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