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Patti Austin Up Close..

By 1:49 PM

I used to work with several local artists in the entertainment industry for almost 4 years when I was a recording/sound engineer. Did I ever get starstruck? A bit but not not to much to the point of being a fan.. I was trained to remain composure. 

But what about today? I still maintain that composure.. I just used to not getting that starstruck whenever I artists until a month ago, music icon PATTI AUSTIN came to the Philippines for a series of concerts.

I used to work as a virtual assistant to her PR agency. And when I heard the news, I asked if I could be her official photographer, for the love of Patti. Did I get the deal at once? No sir! I applied; submitted a couple of shots from my portfolio. After being reviewed by the bosses, I got the task. Yipee!

On the first day, which was Patti's rehearsals, I already thought of what to say to her once introduced; but when that moment came, the only word that came out of my mouth was "HI". I got mental blocked! 

NEVER IN MY WILDEST DREAM THAT I WOULD MEET PATTI AUSTIN PERSONALLY.. That is why I'm honored to have that privilege to be included in Patti Austin's team..

How is she as a person?

Patti Austin is somewhat approachable and loves to mingle. The video posted by Chuckie Dreyfus showed how she love the Filipinos.

Another thing that really amazed me, Patti is not diva-ish. I was surprised to see her ironing her outfits.

Other than that, Patti Austin is an amazing, down to earth person, crazy like she tell stories of anything topic.. Fun person to work with. 

Looking forward for next concert or event here in the Philippines.

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