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The Man Behind You Gotta Be and His Advocacy..

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First, it was Patti Austin who I got to meet personally. And just last December, after the New Year Eve's concert, One Heart One Voice, I had that chance of meeting the man behind the 90's hit song 'You Gotta Be' - ASH:LEY INGRAM.

Who would have thought that Ashley has been living in the country for two years. As he told when we had a chance to talk before the concert, he fell in love with the country's hospitality. He also found his calling here.. He owns an English learning school in Alabang as well as a music studio. 

After Patti Austin's concert last December..
But what's different from his school apart from others? He teach English not by speaking but by singing.. I am as curious as you are right now! I have never encountered such school. I've worked in the call center industry but that technique wasn't integrated in the training. More of his school once I have the chance to visit it.

For now let's concentrate to this new song he composed for those affected by Typhoon Yolanda, entitled NEVER GIVE UP.

Ashley is very passionate about the Filipino people and recently traveled to the UK to help raise money for the victims of Yolanda. The song he just wrote will be featured in a compilation album by Star Records.

File photo from Patti Austin's Facebook page..
Never Give Up recently had it's final version recorded with the one and only Patti Austin. The works is still in progress. Watch out for its release!

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