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What's Grillin' in Grillery..

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Grillery is no stranger to me. This is where we had our team lunch 2 years ago. We had a good time with good food..

And I got a chance to visit the place after quite sometime. Tried out a few dishes from their menu.

What's inside this round looking dish?

Make sure you slice it in the middle portion..

And walah! Say hello to Chicken Ala Kiev..

Chicken Ala Kiev is a chicken roll with butter and other spices in the middle.. Sound interesting to eat but it would have been better if there was a 'wow' taste with the chicken meat. With all honesty, it tasted like any other ordinary chicken. I was expecting an after-taste of the sauce to blend with the chicken.

Cream Dory!

Say no more! I just love eating dory (sorry nemo..). Blends well with the sauce and onion springs..


This is no ordinary liempo.. It's easy to munch.. Well marinated!

There are more dishes that Grillery could offer. All you have to do is drop by Greenhills Town Center and dine!

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