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A New E-Book for Teachers “Embracing Work Readiness in Teaching Language Arts”

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It was quite refreshing reading through the new e-book for teachers, it’s an easy read, not boring, quite informative and less formal, making it easy to be understood and taught in class.   The activities are pretty easy to follow, very doable, with clear objectives, clear activity instructions and attainable end-results.

Going through the pages, I realized, that though it may be targeted towards the senior college students, it may also be a refresher for people who are already in the workforce, who may have already grown complacent in their office positions, and may be lagging behind because in some way or the other may have forgotten career objectives and goals due to the repeating daily grind.  This new e-book may be a good resource that may be used by the Human Resource Department as a sort of trampoline to help some employees bounce back and be empowered.

The book has great exercises and post analysis key that can help the teacher easily get across her students.  I can say that it could be a pretty effective teaching material as it is SMART (George T. Doran) means Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Bound.

In line with the celebration of the National Teacher’s Month,  copies of the said e-book will be given away via an Essay Writing Contest, to join:

1.    Give your teacher a wonderful gift this National Teacher’s Month!

      Just write a 150 word-essay describing what you do or have done to empower the youth. Format   
      your work in MS Word, Tahoma, 12pt, 1 inch margin all sides.

2.    Email your entry at marianerizzav@gmail.com  with the subject line-  
       firstname.lastname.EMPOWER THE YOUTH. Provide age, city and country.

3.    This is open to all Filipinos regardless of residency.

4.    Send your essay before Oct 8, Thursday.

5.    Winners will be announced on Oct 12, Monday.

All participants will also receive a surprise complimentary material from the author.
The ebook is also available in Amazon - http://goo.gl/YmIMU3

You may follow the author at www.snippetsofwonders.com and on Snippets of Wonders FB Page.

Good luck!! Salute’ to the Youth!!

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