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Around the Manila International Book Fair 2015

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Books, books, books and more books! 

Getting bigger every year as others describe it.. Plus the whole barrage of cosplayers that  we encountered at the lobby of the SMX Convention Center. Very colorful, busy, creative!

Back to the books, adult coloring books are pretty popular this year. Who even thought of creating a new adult pastime and de-stressing is getting the best ROI in life. And I thought it was just being distributed at Powerbooks. Well, apparently not. And so more options for the consumers. Along with the different adult coloring boooks are of course the different coloring pens and pencils needed to go with it.

We checked out the Schaeffer booth, Pentel, Sharpie. We even doodled at some coloring walls. Paper companies in the trade show sold some cool journals, planners and notebooks. We got an Avenger journal for Jazmine and we even got a free ecobag to go with it. We signed up at the Titus (pens) booth and we got free pens, It was pretty cool.

The publishing companies had each their own promotional gimmicks like an autograph with their book's author if you purchase a copy of that book or magazine. There were even celebrities that signed magazines with them in the cover photo.

Discounts on your favorite paperback and hardbounds, collections and series, it was actually a good time to buy a Harry Potter collection or C.S. Lewis' Lord of the Rings or the very light Geronimo Stilton collection.

All the books, for all ages! And all the topics be it academic or the arts. There was even an Alexan booth. It's a store for electronics as well as some books kids might need for their robotics class. They even had a demo doing 3D printing. So mission impossible-ish! I remembered my college days. I suppose there was no CDR-King back in the day and Alexan was my go to store whenever we needed catalogues or parts we needed to complete our projects for my Engineering course.

There was also the Archie comic book compilation and a;; other Marvel or DC comic book characters.

Truly a treasure throne for each and every bookworm, young and old alike. Happy reading everyone!

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