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Delicious and Healthy Dishes in Food Tastings at Eastwood Mall

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Nothing beats a lazy Sunday afternoon but the aroma of the gastronomic feast prepared by well-known chefs from different food outlets and themed restaurants located within the vicinity of Eastwood Mall. The smell of everything was already "umami" and the sight of it when they had them plated will make your mouth-water.. in my case.. drool.. "Grabe sarap!"

First set was the Breakfast Burger and Fitburger. They served us the healthier alternative to all the grease that we were all used to. T'was a great treat for everyone.

Next, the Mediterranean Chicken and Couscous was already been prepared. It was the first time for me to sample this dish. As I understood, its like soul food in the Mediterranean. And for those who doesn't know, "couscous" is a traditional Berber dish of Semolina granules. The same thing you use for making pasta noodles made from granules of durum wheat which is cooked by steaming. It's a staple food throughout the North African cuisines of Algera, Morocco and Libya. Basically, it is like our "sinaing". The combination of couscous and the Mediterranean chicken I could say was pretty okay. For a first timer, I guess I still have to get accustomed to its taste.

The Breakfast Sausage Tart looked and smelled delicious; sad to note there wasn't enough samples to go around to be tasted by the audience. When plated thou, it seemed it lost the whole focus on the breakfast tart but more on the garnish that went around it.

Somehow it made me sad that I didn't get to try the Poached Salmon Aioli. Salmon is one of my favorites. I love it in my salad or simply smoked, buttered, filleted as sashimi, name it. I am salmon crazy! Truly is a new twist to the usual adobong pusit with the Seafood Sotanghon with Black Ink. One time, at home, we had leftover adobong pusit, some pasta and did not have white rice. We tried experimenting and voila! Seafood pasta.. Now I've learned a new option, an oriental twist using sotanghon on glass noodles. Kudos to the chef! It was truly yummy.

Christmas is just around the corner and it's just timely they did a demo on Mango Walnut Graham Parfait. we were not able to sample this one, but at least we have a better idea on how to do it this Christmas season.

Our favorite was the Pad Thai Salad, we had seconds even, very refreshing, light and healthy without being boring. Last but not the least was the Kale with Mushroom Paella. A vegetarian treat, very healthy and at the same time, yummy. Kale apparently looked and tasted similar to kangkong or spinach. Some of the plates handled over for sampling even had crunchy mushroom toppings. Yum!

We had a great time at the Eastwood Mall that afternoon. The great aroma of the flavorful gastronomic delights prepared by the wonderful chefs truly made my day. We even won a prize from under our seat that got us a kitchen set of knives and a can opener. Thanks to Food Magazine, ABS-CBN Publishing and Eastwood Mall.

It was a yummy Sunday afternoon!

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