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Chicken Inasal Like No Other..

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We all know that there are existing restaurants that offer chicken inasal. But there's this newly opened restaurant that offers authentic chicken inasal. I mean chicken inasal like those I've tasted in the famous "Manukan Country" in Bacolod. And guess what! They have the chicken oil as well..

Chicken Inasal with chicken oil

Owners Stephen Po and Lourdes Po talked about the business' humble beginnings. It all started as an 'ihaw-ihaw' stand (like those 'ihawan' we see in our very own neighborhood). They had no plans of expanding it into a restaurant; if not to the growing suggestions and comments from customers. They wanted a place to dine in, not just take out 'good food'.

The couple, together with business partners Emil Po and Charlene Po, transformed their garage into what is now called JUAN STOP INASAL.

establishment's facade

But how did Juan Stop Inasal come up with the authentic chicken inasal taste?

It was a trial and error process according to owner Stephen, until they have the marinade they wanted for the inasal. Same goes to other dishes like dinuguan and la paz batchoy. Yes, they offer batchoy, Ilonggo style. Talk about expressing "Namit Gud".. Another secret they're continuously monitor is how the food are cooked. They make sure that 'inihaws' are not undercooked nor overcooked.. It has to be grilled just fine.

La Paz Batchoy

Grilled Liempo


And how much does their chicken inasal cost?

Would you believe it only cost Php 105? Yes! For that amount you'll have chicken inasal with unlimited rice and iced tea. Heard it right... Unlimited iced tea too! Good food in great value..

Now while waiting for your order, you don't have to worry on getting bored. Watch TV, read a magazine or get connected via free WI-FI.

One more thing that amazed me was that they practice paperless order taking. Using tablets installed with an order taking app, every dish tapped in the menu automatically synchronize with the tablets placed in the kitchen and counter area. Nice!!!

Paperless order taking process..

Timer per table to make sure you get the order in time..

Overall ambiance of the restaurant was cozy, well-lite and well-ventilated.

Dining area..

Juan Stop Inasal is open Mondays to Sundays, 11am - 9pm.. They also have a delivery service in certain locations.

Like them in their Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/JuanStopInasal
Follow them on Instagram - http://instagram.com/juanstopinasal

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