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Eat Like Your at Home With Kuya J

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It’s one thing when a person cooks for you, but it’s another when Kuya cooks for you. Especially when you know he doesn’t do that often. That’s why you deem these rare occasionsas very special moments, and therefore something you shouldn’t miss.

But just imagine Kuya preparing his delicious dishes for you every time. You would definitely want to be present at every dinner. Because everything is special, when it comes to Kuya.

That is the picture that will be always captured in the new restaurant in town, Kuya J.


Kuya J is a casual dining restaurant that offers great Filipino gastronomic delights using quality and unique tasting dishes in a homey dining experience that relaxes you…enveloping you with the warmth and care of a brother.

What can you expect from Kuya J? You can always count on him to adapt local cuisine and add a different spin to each dish. His signature dishes, namely Crispy Pata, Grilled Scallops, LumpiaPresko, Crispy Catfishand Tablea Coffee Flan are definitely a must try.

Kuya J values meaningful bonds above anything else. That is why he serves delectable Filipino dishes in a comfortable atmosphere. The interiors themselves feel a lot like Kuya’s room: the modern dining furniture, the warm lighting fixtures and the signature bookshelves filled with books of various topics. Once you step inside, you’ll be received with a wholehearted welcome and a good-natured staff. 

Here are some of the food served during the opening..

Grilled Scallops

Chorizo Dinamitas with Garlic Dip

Lumpia Presko

Mangga Tuna Salad


Ginataang Monggo

Binagoongan Rice

Ampalaya Con Carne

Crispy Pata

Mango Cheesecake

Coffee Tablea Flan

Mango Pandan

Among my favorites were the grilled scallops, coffee tablea flan, ginataang monggo and of course, the crispy pata.

Kuya J promotes family gatherings and love for food, that’s why affordability is a must. So don’t worry about the price points because Kuya J will always give a value for money. You’ll even be surprised at how much you can eat on a limited budget. At Kuya J’s, there’s more fun for everyone.

Kuya J has finally arrived in Manila to share his brotherly love, in the form of his delicious meals. Just last Saturday, celebrity siblings Camille and John Prats plus Phil and James Younghusband graced the opening of Kuya J at SM City Novaliches to spend their sibling bonding moments along with other guests.

Aside from SM Novaliches, Kuya J has also opened branches in SM City Marikina, SM City BF Parañaque and SM Sta. Mesa. Kuya J will soon open a branch in GMA, as well as stores in nearby Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. So that eventually, Kuya J will spread his brotherly love all over the country!

Just to share with you, I spent my birthday dinner at Kuya Js restaurant in SM BF Paranaque with friends.

Ordered those that became my favorites during the grand opening and the one dish that wasn't served, the danggit rice. And no doubt, we all loved the rice, crispy pata, scallops and tablea flan. Ambiance was A-okay as well.

Looking forward of dining in at Kuya J restaurant.

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