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Madness Over Pizza and More..

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Heard of the 'create your own pizza' craze that had almost every foodie gaga.. For a fixed amount, you'll get to choose, mix 'n match and overload your dough with toppings.

Well, there's this pizza restaurant in Tomas Morato that had the same concept; the difference was it has more in the menu other that pizza. Mad For Pizza opened May of this year offers pizza, pasta, rice meals, salads, shakes and even a few cocktails.

I must say, I liked my first visit in MFP. Aside from the location which is accessible for someone like me residing up north, the ambiance was a TOTAL THROWBACK. Why? The music that was playing all day were from the 80's and new wave era. Now I feel old because of that, hahaha!

Now on to the menu..

First, the pizza..

Mad For Pizza has a variety of toppings to choose from. Overload your very own 'create you own pizza' with the toppings. For me, I love it with more cheese and the greens.

Now for the other dishes..

Feast yourself with their appetizers, pasta, rice meals and desserts. So far my favorites were the Spaghetti Bolognese, Fried Mac N' Cheese, "Amboy" Angus Beef Belly and Panna Cota.

I also tried one of their cocktails, Frozen Mojito. And it tasted good! Just don't drink it like you're gulping to avoid "brain freeze".

I have nothing bad to say on their service. The staff were friendly and accommodating. And their name pins.. Very catchy! Instead of being labeled by their first names, they used the different ingredients like garlic, parmesan and pepper. 

Curious? Drop by and dine..

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